Tle’Nax T’awei (“Clay-Nuk-Tah-Way”) Limited Partnership (TTLP) is a diversified, motivated, holding partnership, working aggressively to create business success on behalf of the Teslin Tlingit People of the Yukon Territory. Over the past 6 years, TTLP has assertively acquired and maintains majority ownership in 10 different businesses, located throughout Western & Northern Canada.

TTLP’s consistent approach towards business has been to focus on pursuing and acquiring stable, proven businesses, with experienced, successful management teams in place, using performance based compensation and extensive benefit packaging to motivate and encourage aggressive future growth from its work force. TTLP employs approximately 65 full time and seasonal employees throughout the entire organization.

TTLP’s holdings are involved in many different sectors of the business world, and have associations with several recognized major global leaders. The specific divisions of the organization presently are respectively involved in the distribution of business to business copier equipment, wholesale beverages & foods, office furniture sales, computer sales and technical solutions, accounting based software expertise, fire management services, and the operation of an Outfitting & Hunting business. Strong supplier relationships exist with Ricoh, Coca-Cola., Global Contract, IBM/Lenova, Accpac/Sage Computer Systems, CIS Office Plus, CDC Modular Furniture, Canon and Frito-Lay.

TTLP’s head office is situated in Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon Territory, physically north of the 60th parallel. TTLP operates within the Pacific Standard time zone.  

Tle’ Nax T’awei Limited Partnership (TTLP) is the business arm of the Teslin Tlingit First Nation and is owned by the Teslin Tlingit Council Business Trust. TTLP and its corporate group are managed by one partner, Tle’ Nax T’awei Inc., and TTLP works to provide the Trust with a financial return and promote self- sufficiency for the Teslin Tlingit First Nation.

TTLP works on the operating principles of diversifying its holdings while ensuring professional and accountable ownership of its entire corporate group. Each division or subsidiary is supervised by an experienced manager committed to full communication and timely reporting. Both internally and through its subsidiary holdings, TTLP focuses on commitment to excellence and continued growth.  

TTLP owns and/or manages the following:

• Kamloops Office Systems Division – Office equipment sales and service, specializing in           Ricoh products, stationery sales

• Whitehorse Beverages Division - Food and Beverage Distribution for Coca-Cola,                       Canada Dry and Frito Lay Products

• Klondike Copier Division – Office equipment sales and service, specializing in Canon                  products

• Sit Easy Division – Office Furniture and stationery sales

• Head Office Division

• Teslin Outfitters Ltd. - Big Game Outfitting concession

• Lightning Fire Management Inc. - Fire suppression services

• New West Technologies - Computer Sales and Services, specializing in HP/Compaq,                    Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, Cisco and Samsung

• Terra180 Limited Partnership– Business Services Portal (Calgary, Alberta)

• Yukon Inn - Hotel, Food and Beverage Service, and Retail Space

• Chilkahit Holdings Limited Partnership (Property Holdings)

Tle’ Nax T’awei Mission Statement

To provide our owner with a financial return and to promote self-sufficiency for the Teslin Tlingit First Nation and its people, while incorporating Ha Kus Teyea.

Operating Principles

• Diverse Holdings with Ownership control

• Experienced Managers with Autonomy

• Professional Oversight Management

• Commitment to Excellence

• Continued Growth

• Accountability

• Full Communication and Timely Reporting

• Tlingit Preference

• Based on the Principles of Ha Kus Teyea



For more information please contact:

Mr Justin Halowaty, Chief Executive Officer,

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Mr David Pearson, General Manager Operations

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or locally in Kamloops:


Mr. Rick Ewen, General Manager,

Kamloops Office Systems


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